Two eggs & buttered toast with choice of hash browns or American fries.


Two eggs & buttered toast with choice of pork or turkey sausage, double smoked bacon, or thick-cut ham. 


Two eggs & buttered toast with choice of smoked sausage, bratwurst, corned beef hash, kosher salami, or a 9 oz. hamburger patty. 


Deuced Goose ~ two eggs & toast with choice of bacon, ham, or sausage AND choice of short stack, half waffle or half order of french

     toast. Potatoes additional.






Eggs Benedict ~ the original.  Served with made from scratch potatoes or fresh fruit. Half order also available.


Hoppel Poppel ~ crisp potatoes scrambled with 3 eggs, onion & choice of chorizo, smoked sausage, or kosher salami.  Side of toast.


Super Hoppel Poppel ~ same as the original plus assorted bell peppers, cheese & mushrooms.  Side of toast.


Hobo Hash ~ American fries with broccoli, onion, cheese & sour cream.


The Goosed Slinger ~ two eggs on top of hash browns, & a burger patty, then smothered in our homemade chili.  Side of toast.


Steak & Eggs ~ 8oz USDA choice ball tip sirloin served with 2 eggs, potatoes & toast.


Goosebun ~ very large cinnamon roll with a cream cheese, butter, & vanilla frosting. Served warm.





     All omelets include toast and choice of made from scratch potaoes or fresh fruit.  Egg whites & Egg Beaters available upon request.



Cheese ~ two thick cheese slices of your choice.


Popeye ~ fresh spinach.


Brutus ~  asparagus.


Mushroom ~ Crimini mushrooms.


Vegetable ~ assorted bell peppers, mushroom, onion, tomatoes.


Veggie Lover's ~ all the ingredients from our vegetable omelet plus spinach, broccoli and asparagus.


Spanish ~ assorted bell peppers, onion, side of salsa


Meat ~ choice of one:  ham, bacon, sausage, bratwurst or kosher salami. Additional meats extra.


Meat Lover's ~ bacon, ham & sausage.


Corned Beef Hash ~ cooked crisp and folded into the omelet.  A new favorite.


Denver ~ ham, assorted bell peppers, onion.


Gyro ~ gyro meat, tomato, onion, cucumber sauce. 


Mexican ~ choice of seasoned ground beef or chorizo. Assorted bell peppers, onion, side of salsa.


Lobster ~ 4oz whole lobster tail sautéed in garlic butter. Topped with hollandaise sauce.





Pancakes ~ regular or short stack.


French Toast ~ regular or cinnamon raisin.  Half order also available.


Belgian waffle ~ original, chocolate, or a mix of both.  Half order also available.


     Extras : blueberries, strawberries, chocolate chips, chopped pecans













     9oz of fresh ground chuck served on a fressh Sciortino's roll. Includes choice of one side.


Hamburger ~ served plain or with the works.


Bacon Burger ~ lettuce, tomato, mayo.


Gyro Burger ~ topped with gyro meat, tomato, raw onion. Side of cucumber sauce.


Ballpark Burger ~ 1/4 lb. burger patty topped with a Klements bratwurst patty & served on a pretzel bun. Lettuce, onion, side of                  stadium sauce.


The Big Gooser ~ two 9oz hamburger patties, bacon, lettuce, tomato. Over 1 pound of meat!


Patty Melt ~ fried onions, cheese, marble rye.


Turkey Burger ~ seasoned ground turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo.



     Extras: crimini mushrooms, fried onions, raw onions, jalapeños






    All include choice of one side: chips, cottage cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, fresh fruit.


Egg Salad ~ made per order. Celery, onion, lettuce & mayo.


Tuna Salad ~ light tuna, celery, lettuce & mayo.


Chicken Salad ~ chicken breast, celery, lettuce & mayo.


Sliced Ham ~ lettuce & mayo.


Sliced Turkey Breast ~ lettuce & mayo.


Half of any sandwich above & a cup of homemade soup.  Served with choice of one side.




Grilled Cheese ~ three slices of cheese on your choice of bread. Add bacon, ham, or sausage for an additional charge.


Tuna Melt ~ our homemade tuna salad, two slices of cheese, choice of bread.


Chicken Salad Melt ~ our homemade chicken salad, two slices of cheese, choice of bread.


Veggie Melt ~ mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, fried onions, lettuce, cheese. Grilled on your choice of bread. Side of ranch.


Meatloaf Melt ~ thick cut of homemade meatloaf grilled with your choice of cheese & bread.


Sliced Turkey Breast Melt ~ grilled turkey, two slices of cheese, choice of bread.


Turkey Club Melt ~ grilled turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato & cheese. Choice of bread.


Grilled Chicken Breast Melt ~ 8oz chicken breast, cheese, choice of bread.




Clubhouse ~ turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo. Choice of bread.


Ham & Cheese Club ~ sliced ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo.


Tuna or Chicken Salad Club ~ two scoops of salad, lettuce, tomato.


Ultimate Mequon Club ~ turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo.




Sloppy Joe ~ homemade & served on a grilled hard roll.


BLT ~ 4 strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo.


Fried Egg ~ a classic made with two eggs.  Add bacon, ham or sausage for an additional charge.


Denver ~ two eggs with ham, bell peppers & onion.  Choice of bread. 


Bratwurst ~ Milwaukee's own Klements.


Jumbo Hot Dog ~ Hebrew National, kosher.


Chicago Dog ~ tomato, onion, Vienna relish, sport peppers, celery salt.  Grilled bun. 


Grilled Chicken Breast ~ 8oz chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, & mayo. Grilled hard roll.


Crispy Chicken Breast ~ breaded & fried, lettuce, tomato, & mayo.


Fried Fish ~ 10oz battered Icelandic haddock, lettuce, tartar sauce.  5oz portion also available.


Fish Sliders ~ two battered fish filets on mini kaiser buns, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce.





Homemade Chili ~ award winning!


Campbell's Tomato ~ the original.


Soup of the day ~ fresh & homemade. Please call for today's selection.







Taco Salad ~ seasoned ground beef or chorizo. Lettuce, cheese, tomato, black olives in a fried taco shell. Sour cream and salsa on the side.


Chef Salad ~ ham, turkey breast, cheese, egg, tomato cucumber & choice of dressing. Add grilled chicken or sirloin steak for additional charge.


Garden Salad ~ lettuce, tomato, cucumber, choice of dressing.






#1 ~ one scoop of either chicken, tuna or egg salad served with cottage cheese, hard boiled egg, tomato, cucumber. Flatbread cracker on the side.


#2 ~ fresh tomato stuffed with either chicken, tuna or egg salad. Flatbread cracker on the side.


#3 ~ choice of protein: 9oz hamburger patty, grilled chicken breast or sirloin steak. Cottage cheese, peaches, flatbread cracker on the side.


#4 ~ 5oz portion of albacore tuna on a bed of lettuce. Tomato, cucumber, and coice of toast on the side.















Vanilla, chocolate, hot fudge, caramel, butterscotch, marshmallow, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, peach, banana



Dog n Suds Root Beer Float ~ the flavor of the 1950's!



Fruit Goosie ~ smoothie with a berry frozen yogurt base.  Mixed with apple juice and your choice of fruit.






Old fashioned vanilla ice cream by the scoop or in a sundae. Toppings: chocolate, hot fudge, caramel, butterscotch, marshmallow, strawberries




We offer a rotating selection of fresh pies and other sweets.  Please call for today's selections.




Entire menu available for carry-out!

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